U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, 251 Rudy Chase Drive NOSC, Schenectady, New York


NLCC Training Ship Louis D. Liskin


In Memory of 

 Master Sergeant Louis D. Liskin, U.S. Army
  "A Man who Believed in America"
April 10th 1915 - February 5th 2003

The Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) is a youth program, sponsored by the Joseph and Ida Liskin Foundation and the Navy League of the United States, is for young Americans ages 10 to 13 years old.  Adult leadership for the NLCC is provided by members of the NSCC officer corps. The program is similar in structure to the NSCC, but oriented toward the younger age groups.


The objectives of the program are:


1) Develop an appreciation for our naval history, customs, and traditions.

2) Develop the positive qualities of patriotism, courage, self reliance, strong moral character, and good citizenship.

3) To give young people mental, moral, and physical training through a medium of naval and other instruction.  To instill in them a sense of duty, discipline, self respect, and respect for others.


Naval League Cadets are involved in a variety of activities including classroom, practical, and hands-on training.  They take field trips to military bases, Navy and Coast Guard ships, and other places of interest.  NLCC cadets participate in Community and Civic events. The majority of training is conducted at a local training or "Drill" site.  During the summer, cadets attend a one-week orientation at a Naval base where they learn basic seamanship skills, such as knot tying, first aid, firefighting, semaphore, swimming, and water safety.

The Louis D. Liskin Training Ship drills alongside the Mahan Division one Saturday per month at the United States Naval Operations Support Center, Schenectady, New York in addition to numerous away drills conducted throughout the year. 

Our Sponsor:

NY Naval Militia